Planning The Wedding

After months and maybe years of dating, you and your partner decide it’s time to take the plunge. While finding the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with seems like the long, hard part of the journey, once you become engaged the challenges come pretty quickly with added pressure. Rarely before […]

Guidelines For Being A Step parent

In the 21st century, American families are more blended than they ever have been. Recent studies have shown that most marriages of two never married people occur only when both people are under 27 years of age. If one or both of the people are 28 or older, the likelihood of being a second marriage […]

Dealing With Disagreements

Every family will have their differences as there are no two people who will agree on 100% of every decision. When the disagreements arise, the key to maintaining a happy, healthy family is to deal with them in a productive, supportive manner. Even though the other person may seem like the enemy, the reality is […]